Gres CMS
One platform, all devices

shopping cart / modular / cms
integrated forum / classifield ads board
multi-language / multistore / multivendor
full customizable / newsletter / and ..more ..more

MultiStore / MultiVendors .php CMS

Fully customizable design and mobile ready responsive template layouts. Multi-level catalog. News announcements, user reviews, blog, polls, RSS, subscription to news. Periods of the publication and statuses of articles. Public and private sections. Paid content on a subscription.Private accounts and adjustable hierarchy of access rights for users. Enhanced mobile ready Admin Dashboard. Seo instruments - SEF, microformating, meta data, keywords, canonical links, site map generator.


Gres CMS - Features List

  1. Complete ready-to-run ecommerce storefront software
  2. MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, support
  3. 97% open source PHP code
  4. Works on Windows, UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS
  5. User-friendly storefront
  6. Mobile Version
  7. Easy-to-use web-based administrative panel
  8. Multi-site support with a single database and from one administration panel
  9. Multiple languages support
  10. Multiple currency support
  11. SEO facilities (meta data, Google Analytics, SiteMap)
  12. PCI Compliance
  13. E-commerce features
  14. Integrated Content Management System (Gres CMS)
  15. Intergated Customer Support System (HelpDesk)
  16. Integrated multi-level moderated forum
  17. Integrated bulletin board (Classified Ads)
  18. Integrated Manual system
  19. Free Technical Support
  20. Data Tables
  1. Unlimited number of products
  2. Unlimited number of categories and subcategories, nested as many levels deep as you like
  3. Each product can be placed to an unlimited number of categories
  4. Customizable list and details pages layouts
  5. Full features om Grid o Table vievs ( eg: filters )
  6. Custom Tabs for each product
  7. Ability to change category order
  8. Ability to change product order
  9. Enable/disable products
  10. Import/export of categories from/to CSV, XML files
  11. Import/export of products from/to CSV, XML files, possibility to export only filtered products
  12. Google Merchant Center Export
  13. Moderated product reviews and ratings
  14. Products types, default options and specification groups
  15. Ability to duplicate products
  16. Related products/accessories and cross-selling
  17. Downloadable products
  18. Ability to use predefined serial numbers for downloadable products
  19. Products comparison
  20. Ability to show product only for selected languages
  21. List price markdowns: list price (listed MSRP) and current price (your price)
  22. Product full/short HTML/plain text description
  23. META keywords and description for each product and category
  24. Ability to add product to special offer block
  25. Main product images in four sizes (tiny, small, big and super-sized)
  26. Drag and drop upload of multiple images
  27. Unlimited number of product images
  28. Customizable product appearance
  29. Products can be shown to all/logged/non-logged customers
  30. Prices can be shown with/without taxes or both with and without taxes at the same time
  31. Products predefined prices
  32. Tax-exemption of products
  33. Ability to show product code on products list page, product details page, basket page, orders/checkout pages
  34. Ability to hide 'Add to cart' button on products list or details pages
  35. Ability to hide 'View cart' button on products list or details pages
  36. Ability to hide 'Check out' button on products list or details pages
  37. Ability to hide weight information on products details page
  38. Product stock accounting
  39. An option to reserve/release stock levels when status changed
  40. Ability to hide or disable off limits products
  41. Support for non tangible downloadable products with activation options
  42. Affiliate programmes with direct links
  43. Product handling (shipping freight) charges
  44. Customizable shipping modules and methods
  45. Multi-shipping support (when shipping price depends on product supplier location)
  46. Free shipping option and indvidual shipping costs per product
  47. Real-time shipping quotes with major shipping companies (UPS, USPS, FedEx, CanadaPost, Australia Post)
  48. Discount coupons and gift certificates
  49. Enable/disable discounts
  50. Quantity based discounts
  51. User-friendly simple and advanced product search
  52. Products Keywords Search (auto-indexing and search results weight settings)
  53. 'Tell a friend' option
  54. Product report generation system
  55. Email and SMS notitfication setting per product
  56. Image resizing functionality
  57. Test data population option
  58. Default product image
  59. Restricted delivery by countries
  60. Percentage price for product options
  61. Ability to import already uploaded files
  62. Settings for Google Analytics
  63. Affiliates Module
  64. Merchant Module
  65. Banned and allowed credit card numbers per payment gateway
  66. Credit and Rewards functionalities support
  67. Bonus Points Functionality
  68. Watermarks support for products images
  69. Wishlist functionality and possibility to create wishlist types
  70. Dependendable product options
  71. Pre-order button
  72. An option to select what columns to show on basket, orders, checkout and invoice pages
  73. Subscription functionality
  74. Ability to set order restrictions for total products cost and weight
  75. Ability to automatically place zero orders without submitting payment details
  1. PHP-based shopping cart
  2. Different types of controls (label, listbox, textbox etc.)
  3. Adjustable settings for adding product process
  4. Order maintenance system
  5. Online orders tracking
  6. All orders are stored in the database
  7. Export/import of all/newest orders
  8. Comprehensive orders search engine (with numerous search filters)
  9. Orders email notifications for administrator and customer
  10. Order Approver privileges
  11. Ability to support different payment systems
  12. Fully customizable order profile, payment details, final checkout and confirmation pages
  13. Ability to use SSL on order profile and payment details pages
  14. Ability to use custom fields
  15. Adjustable order statuses
  16. E-mail notification for user if status is applied
  17. Ability to use special tags in email body and email subject
  18. Customizable printable packing slips in two formats: HTML and PDF
  19. Customizable printable invoices in two formats: HTML and PDF
  20. Tax rate system based on product types
  21. Comprehensive orders statistics
  22. Comprehensive orders report system
  23. Call Center module
  24. Recurring Payments
  25. Reports for tracking visits
  26. Save/retrieve cart functionality
  27. Prevent repurchasing within a specified period of time
  28. Possibility to use product and manufacturer codes to show their barcodes on packing slips


  1. On request 100 integrated payment methods
  2. On-line or Off Line payments
  3. PayPal and other +50 payments system
  4. Full customizable payment system with parameters variables or costants
  5. Images for pyments
  6. Fee settings ( amount or percentage ) - min/max goods cost
  7. Payments type only for customers types
  8. Payments for countries
  9. Payments for products types

CMS full customizable

  1. Fully customizable appearance of the whole storefront
  2. META data and HTML description of the main page
  3. Full CMS support on all pages
  4. Filtering system
  5. Customizable listing and details pages
  6. Customizable site navigation
  7. Ability to post articles
  8. Unlimited number of custom article categories
  9. Able/disable category
  10. Unlimited number of articles
  11. Moderated articles reviews
  12. RSS feed support
  13. META data for each article category
  14. Small and full-sized images for each category
  15. Ability to set up templates and fields properties
  16. Customizable articles statuses
  17. File manager
  18. Ability to upload zip files
  19. Single/multiple choice(s) opinion polls
  20. Customizable custom pages
  21. META data for each custom page
  22. Custom page can be opened in the main window or in a popup window
  23. Ability to create new custom pages
  24. Ability to create custom blocks
  25. Banners Management
  26. Related products functionality for articles and articles categories
  27. A new Layouts block which enables your customers to switch among different active templates
  28. A secondary menu can be now displayed under the top header menu
  29. Possibility to specify the depth level of visible menu items in navigation menus on each page separately
  30. Ability to show text and images for top menu links

Help Disk features

  1. Comprehensive tickets management engine
  2. All tickets are stored in database
  3. Unlimited number of tickets
  4. Comprehensive tickets search engine
  5. Ability to create a message to a customer without initial request
  6. Full statistics
  7. E-mail notifications for administrator and customer
  8. Ability to use special tags in email body and email subject
  9. Customer support system
  10. Unlimited number of administrators
  11. Ability to reassign tickets to other managers
  12. Ability to use predefined replies and signatures
  13. Unlimited number of departments
  14. Ability to assign managers to different departments
  15. Different types of customer's requests
  16. Ability to specify supported products
  17. Three levels of priority: high, normal and low
  18. Customizable ticket statuses
  19. Ability to specify status icon and highlight ticket summary with HTML tags
  20. Statistics report for each manager
  21. Ability to use attachments both by Admin and Users
  22. Image validation to prevent robots submit
  23. Knowledge base option
  24. Possibility to customize a Helpdesk page by create custom fields

Forum features

  1. Multi-level moderated forum
  2. Unlimited number of categories, forums and topics
  3. Ability to select forum administrator
  4. Small and full-sized images for each forum
  5. Forum introduction text
  6. Tree or list forum structure
  7. Ability to define users that are allowed to view different forum topics
  8. Ability to set random image validation to prevent robot submit
  9. Forum statistics tracking
  10. Ability to use forum avatar, both for administrators and customers
  11. Different forum privileges by user groups
  12. New forum option to change the priority of topic to show them first or last

Classifields features

  1. Fully customizable list and details pages layouts
  2. Able/disable ads categories
  3. Unlimited number of ads categories and sub-categories
  4. Changeable categories order
  5. Small and full-sized images for each category
  6. Short/full category description
  7. Unlimited number of ads
  8. Comprehensive ads search engine
  9. Ability to search in products options and specifications
  10. Unlimited number of ads types, specification groups and properties
  11. E-mail notifications for administrator and customer
  12. Ability to use special tags in email body and email subject
  13. Ability to define maximum number of images
  14. Customizable image settings
  15. 'Tell a friend' option

Customers accounts

  1. Comprehensive customers support system
  2. Customers' personal accounts
  3. Ability to use SSL on customer's account page
  4. Comprehensive customers search engine
  5. Full registration statistics
  6. Customers can/cannot order without registration
  7. Import/export customers
  8. Customer types
  9. Customer discount types
  10. Customer's personal/delivery information
  11. Customer's image support
  12. E-mail notifications for administrator and customer
  13. Ability to use special tags in email body and email subject
  14. 'Forgotten password' option
  15. Two kinds of passwords: non-encrypted and MD-5 encrypted
  16. Tax free option per customer or a group
  17. Possibility to upload or specify customers e-mails for sending newsletter
  18. Reminder service for customers
  19. Set birthday greeting messages to customers

System Administration

  1. Secure password-protected access
  2. Unlimited number of administrators
  3. Ability to use personal signature
  4. Unlimited number of privilege groups with different permissions
  5. Ability to assign privileges to another group
  6. Newsletters management system
  7. Static tables
  8. Option to use SSL for administrators login
  9. Personal bookmarks for administrators
  10. SMTP and PGP encryption support
  11. Database Management
  12. Friendly URLs functionality and possibility to create custom fURLs
  13. Black IP list